Colourful Children

Second Transnational Project Coordination Meeting

According to the European Commission recommendations about events in areas affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus), like the Emilia-Romagna region, we had to cancel the Second Transnational Project Meeting in Ravenna, Italy, on the days of 4th to 6th of March.

The meeting would have three days, so it can be possible on one of the days to visit the two preschools participating in the project. The other two days would be for the group to work together on the project coordination issues.

To overcome the cancellation of the meeting, we scheduled for days 4th-5th of June an online conference that occurred on a video call platform, a private Jitsi server. Participated in a total of 18 people: 2 from Associação; 2 from Lisbon University; 3 from Murcia Municipality; 3 from Härryda Municipality; 4 from Ravenna Municipality, and 4 from Torres Vedras Municipality.

The Second Transnational Project Meeting programme focused on developing Intellectual Outputs, presenting the mid-term evaluation report and the dissemination plan and its tools.

About the first Intellectual Output – online educational games – each municipal partner presented the work developed by the kindergarten teachers that created with children the idea of the game and then set the Game Design Document of their game and, finally, some screenshots of the games. As the tasks done by kindergarten teachers, children and illustrators were almost finished, we defined the end of August 2020 to send all the materials to so it can develop the four online games technologically until the end of October. Then would be using the month of November to test the games so they could be presented in the multiplier events in December 2020 (activities not realised).

Regarding the second Intellectual Output – mini-books – each municipal partner presented the work developed by the kindergarten teachers that created with children the stories and their illustrations. As we verified different stages of development of this product, we decided that the mini-books must be finished by the end of October to be printed in November and presented and offered in the multiplier events in December (this activity verified various delays).

As for the last Intellectual Output – learning methodology – and also the Third Training Activity planned for Sweden in September 2020, the coordinator of this activity presented a new proposal to do the training activity and the product. In fact, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it wouldn’t be possible to do the training activity in September in Härryda, Sweden. So, the coordinator of this output, Härryda, suggested energising some workshops over time. As a result of the participation in the workshops, the kindergarten teachers would have some works to do, themselves and with children, and, this way, build the learning methodology for gender equality. This training activity occurred over time until the end of May 2021, and not three days in a row. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit the preschools in Härryda like we didn’t see the preschools in Ravenna. All of these workshops would be online, which allowed more kindergarten teachers to participate in the workshops instead of the activity IRL.

Now, regarding the monitoring and evaluation of the project, the Lisbon University partner responsible for these tasks presented the results of the mid-term assessment. The partnership was proud of the results achieved because the participants evaluated the activities and the project with high scores. In concrete, the answers’ averages are in almost the topics 8 or 9 in 10.

Lastly, Ravenna Municipality and Associação presented a plan and tools to improve the dissemination process of the project and asked other partners for the info needed to include in the dissemination tools. This activity was a bit delayed compared to what was planned.