Colourful Children

Part 2 – Start your collegial work


Goals in the regulatory documents (from the Swedish school curriculum)

Norms and values

Pre-schools shall give every child the opportunity to develop the capacity to respect and understand other people’s situations and a will to help others.

The following goals are the basis for educational situations.

Care, development and learning.

Pre-schools shall give every child qualifications to develop the capacity to function individually and in a group, cooperate, handle conflicts, understand rights and obligations and take responsibility for common rules.

Ability to build, create and construct with the help of different techniques, materials and tools.

Discuss together

Discuss together in smaller groups

As the preschool teacher has a certain responsibility for the pedagogic content in the education and that the goal-oriented work encourages children’s development and learning, discuss the following questions:

How can the staff work…

  • to inspire and challenge the children to broaden their abilities and interests in a way that avoids gender-stereotype choices?
  • Can you think of a few examples of how an equality perspective can be included in class so that every child gets equal possibilities for expanded perspectives and choices regardless of gender?
  • On which occasions is it particularly important to include a gender equality perspective?

Document your reflections!

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