Colourful Children

Part 4 – Reflect together and plan a teaching situation

This is part 4 of the web course on gender equality. This part should be carried out together in your working group – count on taking at least 50 minutes. Don’t forget to document your process and save it for later. 

In this part, you will use your knowledge of norm-critical approaches to work in your ordinary working teams as you will plan some teaching in this field.

Goal-oriented pedagogical content

Education means stimulating and challenging the children according to the goal and direction of the school curriculum and should aim at development and learning. Education should proceed from content which is planned or spontaneous because children’s development and learning go on the whole time. The teachers at a preschool should take responsibility for the pedagogical content during teaching and make sure that the goal-oriented pedagogy support children’s development and learning. The preschool teachers, therefore, have a special responsibility for the teaching carried out together as a team. Other members of the working group, such as nurses, also contribute to supporting the children’s development and learning.

Discussion in your working group.

Delegate one person to distribute speaking time and one person to document your reflections. Save this documentation for follow-up. Now is the time for you and your colleagues to plan a teaching situation based on a norm-critical approach.

  • Which goals in the school curriculum shall the teaching proceed from?
  • Which earlier knowledges, experiences, and interests do the children in your group have? How can you make this a part of the education?
  • Does each child get the same conditions and the same possibilities to try and develop their abilities at your pre-school?
  • According to your different roles, how can you develop your work to consciously and actively include a gender equality perspective?
  • How can the working group create conditions for the children to develop their ability to communicate, document and mediate experiences, ideas and thoughts in different ways and with various digital tools?
  • In what way can each person on the team contribute to supporting children’s development and learning? For example, it might be important to think about who is going to document the education.
  • Have you at your pre-school noticed any limiting norms in the teaching? It could concern the teaching or some other part of the education.
  • Have you considered what representation looks like at your preschool? Is there anything you could do to broaden representation?

Plan a teaching situation

What subject related to norm-criticism and gender equality do you wish to teach the children at your pre-school about? The activity that you choose should be based on the objectives in the curriculum, such as basic values and care, development and learning to become a democratic citizen in society.

Control questions in the planning process

Why do you choose a certain activity and theme?

Remember that children’s interests and experiences should form the basis of the teaching.

How will the teaching situation happen?

Keep in mind that this course aims to develop your understanding of gender equality and how to include it in preschool education. It could be wise to use local guidelines and curriculums here or go back to the part on the norm-critical approach for inspiration for different activities. 

Who should do what?

Remember that preschool teachers are responsible for the educational and pedagogical content of the teaching and that targeted efforts of norm-criticism should promote children’s development and learning.

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