Colourful Children

Part 8 – Reflect

This is part 8 of the web course on gender equality. It is now time for individual reflections. How did the new teaching situation work out? What can be even better developed next time? 

Document your thoughts and reflections. 

Reflect individually

It is now time to individually reflect on how the teaching worked out.

Think about the following questions:

  • What happened in the teaching situation? Did it go according to plan?
  • What changes did you notice in teaching?
  • Did you, at a certain point in the teaching, see any kind of power expression? How was this power expressed? How did this affect the teaching situation?
  • What new insights do you bring with you, both from the teaching situation and from this course as a whole? Has the course in any way affected your way of behaving as a professional preschool teacher?  

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