Colourful Children

Part 7 – Develop the teaching

Here is part 7 of the web course. The duration is 45 minutes, and this part should be carried out together in your working group. The task is to develop the teaching based on what you have learned. How can you develop your pedagogical practice to further promote gender equality? The deadline to complete this part is the 12th of January. 

Remember to document your thoughts and planning process. 

In this part, you will focus on developing your pedagogical practice together with your colleagues. Go back to your documentation from earlier group discussions and the planning of a teaching situation. Now think about what modifications or changes you can practice to challenge your own ideas and bias regarding gender (or other categories of discrimination) and what you can do to support the equal opportunity to grow and develop for each child at your pre-school.

Discussion in your working group

Delegate one person to distribute speaking time and one person to document your reflections.

Below are examples of questions to answer while planning the new teaching activity:

  • What cached the children’s interest during the teaching?
  • What went well in the teaching situation? Why?
  • What was difficult in the teaching situations? Why?
  • What did you learn from the earlier planning of a teaching situation that you wish to develop for next time?   

Plan a teaching situation

What subject related to norm-criticism and gender equality do you wish to teach the children at your pre-school about? The activity that you choose should be based on the objectives in the curriculum as well as your new knowledges on norm-critical approaches.

Control questions in the planning process.

1) Which theme/activity do you choose to work with? Remember that children’s interests and experiences should form the basis of the teaching.

2) How will you carry out the teaching situation? Keep in mind that this course aims to develop the possibilities for equal conditions and inspire children to broaden their abilities and interests in a way that avoids gender-stereotype choices.

3) Why did you choose this particular activity? Keep in mind that children’s interests and ideas should guide your education.

4) Who should do what? Remember that preschool teachers are responsible for the educational and pedagogical content of the teaching and that targeted efforts of norm-criticism should promote children’s development and learning.

When you have planned the new teaching situation, it is time to implement it.

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