Colourful Children

Part 9 – Reflect together

Reflect together in the workgroup

You and your colleagues will now take the time to discuss power and power structures in preschool. You will get the opportunity to summarize the actual teaching and discuss reflections you have had so far. Divide into smaller groups with 4 – 5 persons. Delegate one person to distribute speaking time and one person to document your reflections. Save the documentation for follow-ups. 

Step one 

  • How is power in pre-school expressed? What do you think about the adult’s power in pre-school? When and in which situations does it get visible? 
  • Reflect in your group on which norms you are following. How do these norms affect the work and the power-sharing, for instance, between adults and children? 
  • What will you take with you from the material in this web course? How can you see that it has influenced your profession? 

Step 2: based on your new knowledge from the theoretical articles and material in this course, what areas of development for your preschool can you identify?

  • Let each working group briefly explain what they learned from planning the teaching situations. 
  • Summarize which areas of development have been identified for the whole pre-shool and if there were any similarities between the different working groups’ analyzes. 
  • These reflections and documentation can be used by the head of the preschool as part of the systematic quality work. 

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